Patton BRI Gateways

Patton is a global leader in VoIP gateways with the Patton Smartnode including features such as integrated router, high precision clock and proven interoperability leading PBX brands, softswitch and VoIP providers. No other gateway manufacturer has such a comprehensive range of BRI gateways, everything from 1 port BRI to 8 port BRI.

Patton Smartnode 4120 – 1/2 BRI Gateway

Patton-SN4120_1The Patton Smartnode 4120 offers up to 4 concurrent SIP or T.38 Calls. Boasting 1/2 ISDN So BRI ports and one 10/100Base-TX Ethernet port. This device has proven Interoperability and is Standard ISDN compliant. Its Interoperability offers a wide range of IP-PBX and Unified Communication Systems.

Patton Smartnode 4638 – 3/5BRI Gateway


The Smartnode 4638 has 3/5 Ports Quality ISDN VoIP-3 or 5 ISDN BRI So ports, 4 or 8 low-bandwidth voice or T.38 fax calls. Advanced adaptive traffic management is included and shaping for maximum voice quality. Experience full telephony features with voice prioritization and DownStreamQoS.


Patton Smartnode 4660 – 8BRI Gateway

patton 4660Boasting flexible ISDN BRI and FXS/FXO Port Combinations-Connect analog phone/fax, answering machines, intercom stations, and ISDN-PBX systems with combinations of 4 to 8 FXS, up to 4 FXO, and 2 to 8 BRI interfaces.


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