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New 2N IP Speaker

Meet the NEW 2N® IP Speaker

  • Incorporated IP audio system 2N® NetSpeaker
  • Complete IP solution for audio distribution

The IP technology the 2N® IP Speaker is based on completely removes the distance limits. With this technology you can simply connect the IP loudspeaker to a network and stream audio anywhere. Besides this, using the existing wiring instead of more expensive audio cables makes its installation not only faster, but also cheaper.

A necessary prerequisite for functioning of the 2N® IP Speaker is a 2N® NetSpeaker Server software application. The application manages different audio sources and streams them into all IP loudspeakers connected to the network. It will also allow you to create a separate zone from each of the 2N® IP Speaker units and stream different content into each zone as necessary. You can also purchase an extra software application package, which expands the Speaker’s functions significantly.

Additional Software Applications

A Console for User Announcements

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The 2N® NetSpeaker Console is an application for anyone who needs a simple way to make live announcements via a microphone or for the transmission of pre-set files (for example, information announcements, advertising spots, musical content, gongs).

Central Administration of Audio Systems

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The 2N® NetSapplication for the Speaker Control Panel is an administration and configuration of the entire 2N® NetSpeaker system. The application allows you to add individual users, create zones for NetSpeaker units, assemble playlists or configure internet radio. You can also create sessions that designate what audio content will be broadcast to a given zone or NetSpeaker unit.

Control Your IP Audio Easily

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2N® IP Audio Remote Control is an application intended for iPhone and iPad, which allows you to quickly and simply control your 2N® NetSpeaker IP audio system. With this application you can play different music in individual zones and set the volume of your system. It also allows you to change and manage current playlists or create new ones. You can set all this from your mobile device, without the need to go to your computer or notebook.


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