Lync Device Management with Snom & Far South Com.X20 enterprise PBX/Gateway

Mass Configuration and Customization of IP Phones is a Challenge in Microsoft Lync Enterprise Voice Projects

To take up this challenge all vendors of Lync qualified IP phones have their own approach for provisioning with specific system or partners solutions. Until now, none of these approaches natively leverage Microsoft Lync Server’s inbuilt device management components.

The snom UC edition phones are the first Lync qualified devices to seamlessly integrate Lync Server components to overcome the standard provisioning limitations and meet requirements. Read more about it

Qualifying Microsoft Lync partners are eligible for a significant discount of up to 50% for a demo NFR unit of the popular Sangoma Lync appliance, available exclusively through Even Flow Distribution.

Please contact us with details of your Lync project and our UC specialists can assist in recommending the most appropriate model.

Introducing the New Far South Com.X20 enterprise PBX/Gateway

The new Com.X20 is a full enterprise PBX and integrated access gateway supporting up to 1000 users.

Seamless VoIP and legacy TDM telephony convergence and feature rich PBX with support for call recording, IVR, auto-provisioning and more.

The flexible Com.X20 handles multiple combination of telephony interface through the Far South iTA.


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