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New Feature Rich 2N IP Doorphones and Software

The Market Leading 2N IP Doorphones

2N IP Doorphones include a comprehensive range from the entry level single button Uni models to the advanced modular Verso, as well as project-based Safety  and the industrial Force models. Apart from the complete hardware range there are also some innovative supporting software products that enhance the product set and set 2N apart from the competition.

Below is a profile of some of the unique complementary software products for 2N IP Doorphones.

2N Attendance System


The 2N® Attendance System software application is a tool for logging employee attendance, providing one with an overview of their presence in or absence and of the hours worked. The 2N® Attendance System processes all information gained allowing you to work with the data as required, such as filtering into specific periods or exporting it for salaries.

2N® Helios IP Manager


Manage all door intercoms from one point with the 2N Helios IP Manager software, a tool for the collective inistration of all intercoms in the network. It aids in the management of large installations, as it allows one to collectively set up user access rights, create virtual user groups and access zones.

2N® Helios IP Eye


A video without a video telephone, the 2N® Helios IP Eye is a freely available application that not only adds video to any phone, but also provides video surveillance at an entrance. All that is required is a door intercom with a camera and video feed is available with no need for a videophone. When the bell is rung, a video window appears automatically and one can immediately view who is at the door. The door can also be unlocked or a light turned on and off directly from the application. Video display without audio, and several intercom unit feeds viewed simultaneously, also available.

2N® Helios IP Mobile


Stay in the picture, with the ability to view anything occurring at the front of your door on your mobile phone or tablet via the 2N® Helios IP Mobile application.

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