Snom Cordless IP Phone Solutions


Multicell DECT Cordless Solution

Snom’s M700 Base station is ideal for companies requiring wireless coverage across several floors or throughout large

buildings, supporting handover between base stations. The M65 is ideally suited to fast-paced professional telephony.

Together they make a business mobile friendly.


       Snom M700 Base Station                           Snom M65 Handset



Snom will seen be launching the newest handset in their range the M85. The M85 is easily configurable for the M700 multicell

and the M300 single-cell base station and possess seamless handover. It is ideally suited for professional indoor and outdoor

use and in hard-hat or industrial areas.

Single Cell DECT Cordless Solution



     Snom M325 Base & Handset            Snom M25 Additional Handset


Benefits of Snom cordless solutions:

– One brand, multiple cordless solutions
– Standard well-known snom web-interface
– Auto-provisioning support on various platforms
– Special year-end promotion pricing