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The NEW Snom D120 Product review by Even Flow

Author :  VoIP_Master

Think of Snom, think reputable engineering on VoIP telephony, the D120 brings a higher level of functionality and adaptability to affordable entry-level IP desk phones. Including a black and white backlit graphical display, the D120 enables a clear overview of call and function key information to really stand out in a crowd of similar desk phones.

Snom Features

The D120 also features a 360 degree call indicator so that incoming calls, calls in progress and waiting messages can be seen at a distance from the device. In addition not only is the D120 affordably priced, low power consumption thanks to Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connectivity also helps to reduce running costs.

Snom Advanced Technology

Snom have been known to analyze and evaluate human, technological and economic factors that are relevant to a product’s success. Experienced designers develop innovative and user-friendly design solutions that stand out for their exception originality, giving Snom requisite genuineness.

We at Even Flow are thrilled to bring you the entry level phone with unbeatable price and a leader in its class.

About Snom

Next generation VoIP

Snom technology AG is a German based company developing and manufacturing VoIP telephones based on open standard for enterprise communications. Snom phones can be operated with a large number of compatible IP PBX brands and soft switches that support SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), giving customers a great choice for enterprise communication systems. Recognized for its high-quality, customize-able and cost-effective business solutions; Snom is differentiated by the company’s ten-year history in the VoIP industry, and its dedication to high security standards. Take a look at Snom’s website for their next generation product range.

Simone Richard from Voice host said that,  ‘The new range of products cements Snom’s position as a brand of trust, reliable and a mature IP telephony vendor. Voice Host has been gathering feedback from customers on the new range and everyone has been very impressed.”

About Even Flow Distribution:

Even Flow is the official distributor of Snom IP phones in South Africa. Even Flow Distribution is a value-add distributor focusing on leading brands in converged communication. For More information and product information please contact us now at Even Flow.

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