Axtel Headsets benefits of using their professional headsets

Axtel professional headsets benefits

Axtel has written this great article explaining the benefit of using their professional headset and how it can better your working environment.

Professional headsets are often used by office employees of B2B companies, customer service offices, call centers. Let us consider whether this solution is just the latest craze in office fashion, or does it have its practical, ergonomic justification.

Let us take a look at the functionality of a headset, what solutions have been used in their design and what makes them being used so often among office workers. The main benefit of using a headset is having free hands, allowing you to perform several tasks at the same time. During the conversation you can move freely, use the keyboard, or take notes. For comparison, people using a telephone with a regular telephone receiver, are forced to hold the receiver between the ear and the shoulder while performing other activities. This position very often leads to the severe pain in the neck, the back and the head. Scientists have named this illness the Telephone Neck Syndrome (TNS).

What is more, when using a professional headset in a version for two ears, the user is isolated from the environment, so they can better focus on the phone call. In addition, the headphones are equipped with noise cancelling (NC) function, which removes background noise and improves the audibility of the caller.

Another advantage of using a professional headset is the ease of fitting it to the dimensions and shapes of a head. Adjusting the length of the headband and bending it allows a good regulation of pressure on the ears, which increases the comfort of work.

An important aspect of using this type of headphones is also the safety of use. To meet the threat of hearing loss, manufacturers of professional headsets have used the Acoustic Protection technology, which eliminates high and harmful to human hearing sounds – a feature rarely found in low-quality unprofessional headsets.

It is worth mentioning that the better and better headset manufacturing technologies makes it difficult to damage them. The high production quality and carefully selected materials are perfect for long-term use, significantly reducing the number of repairs.

From the employer’s point of view, the aspect of employee’s effectiveness is no less important. Depending on the type of work, the time spent on phone calls varies from half an hour to 3-4 hours a day, and even much longer among call centre employees. Scientists have proved that using headsets allows you to increase the number of connections and work efficiency, and thus reduce the labour costs associated with employee’s down time and discomfort. The research results show that employees using a headset have shown an actual increase in productivity, up to 43%.

The freedom during use and numerous health benefits make headsets an increasingly indispensable and standard work tool, both in contact centres and in the business environment. for more information go to –Axtel headset website

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