Even Flow, the official distributor for Yealink in South Africa, recently announced the new T4U addition to the Yealink IP phone range. Yealink’s new T4U series is a upgrade to the T4S Series business IP phone that is used for daily voice communication solutions.

Featuring new AI noise cancelling and acoustic shield technology that greatly reduces the impact of background noise. T4U series also features dual USB ports for increased productivity through their wide range of USB accessories. This enables the T4U series to provide superior audio performance, increased quality and reliability with more support for accessories so you can customise the user experience.

Key Features of T4U Series of IP Phones

Distraction-Free HD Communications

Yealink T4U series provides a distraction-free communication and guarantees a HD sound quality with Yealink industry-leading Acoustic Shield Technology, Optima HD audio technology and supporting Opus to its broad audio codec list.

Dual USB Ports, Strong Scalability

All models of T4U series are equipped with dual USB ports, which makes the new T4U series flexibly adapts to various scenarios and demands.

Colour Expansion Module EXP43

When EXP43 connects to T46U or T48U, the interface adapts to its full-color mode. Moreover, when connecting to the T43U grayscale phone model, the interface automatically switches to grayscale mode, making it more unified.

The New-Gen T43U

The new-gen T43U features a 3.7-inch screen and higher resolution. Additional support for the EXP43 also makes the new T43U more user-friendly.

For more information and pricing, please contact Ryno Coetzee via ryno@evenflow.co.za.