Snom Partner Newsletter

How sustainable do I have to be in my field of business? This is a question many of us are faced with. And it’s by no means an easy matter, particularly in the field of electronics.

Sustainability is something Snom takes very seriously. Snom have already taken some important steps, and always value customer opinion and ideas.

Another interesting topic is the field of beacon technology. One of Snom’s distribution partners recently created a fantastic video that clearly explains the functionality and advantages of the technology in a beautiful and easy-to-understand way.

When it comes to film, Snom can’t forget the impressions of their D8xx product launch – hosting 120 people from all over the world at the Museum of Communication was an experience of a lifetime!

Snom and Sustainability

Everyone is talking about it and many would want to do more today than tomorrow- sustainability has not only been an important issue since Fridays for future.

At Snom, we have also been “involved“ in this for some time – starting with the conscious use of recycled packaging, to the rescreening of rollups or the use of glass bottles in our catering. Snom is working hard to do what we can! Our culture of making repairs, when others just throw away and replace, also bears testament to this ethos. The long service life of our phones (15 year old desk phones are not uncommon!) make us a leader in terms of durability, something we are really happy about!

And that’s not all. Snom is now going that extra mile. Expect more changes on the horizon with the introduction of the new D8xx series:

•    No more plastic packaging

It’s been a while since we dispensed with environmentally harmful, colourfully printed outer cartons. Now it’s time for the plastic bags inside to go. In future, your phone will come in a so-called “cotton bag” – biodegradable paper packaging, similar to so-called “tissue paper”. The devices are protected and do not scratch and the paper is biodegradable.

•    Anti-bacterial plastic

Antibacterial particles have been incorporated into the plastic mixture of the D8xx series. These prevent bacteria from multiplying on the parts (keyboard, handset, upper shell). This an essential advantage in an era of desk sharing and mobile workplaces.

•    Housing parts made of recycled plastic?

While the decision to use new packaging and antibacterial particles has already been taken, things are not entirely conclusive in this area.

The Little Allrounder: Snom Beacon

OK, we admit it! Here at Snom marketing, we simply love the diversity of Snom beacons. There’s hardly any business area where gateways and tags cannot be used. Finally, we are offering a cost-effective, state-of-the-art solution, to integrate highly professional location and asset tracking, as well as alarm systems in each of the existing Snom DECT multicell systems. Our long-standing distributor KOMSA clearly sees it that way and has also been infected by our enthusiasm! Anyway, we think the film is great and we send our warm greetings to Hartmannsdorf!

It was a pleasure….and impressive! For all those who want the great aftertaste and those looking forward to our next events!