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2N Modern intercom

The use of LTE technology for 2N intercoms brings huge benefits. Aside from its power source, the 2N® LTE Verso requires no additional (and expensive) cable installation. Once registered with My2N, it’s simply set up with a web interface. From wherever you are, calls from this intercom are now routed directly to your smartphone.


New Feature Rich 2N IP Doorphones and Software

The Market Leading 2N IP Doorphones 2N IP Doorphones include a comprehensive range from the entry level single button Uni models to the advanced modular Verso, as well as project-based Safety  and the industrial Force models. Apart from…

New 2N IP Speaker

Meet the NEW 2N® IP Speaker Incorporated IP audio system 2N® NetSpeaker Complete IP solution for audio distribution The IP technology the 2N® IP Speaker is based on completely removes the distance limits. With this technology you can…