Even Flow Announces Strategic Partnership with Ubiquiti in Africa

11 February 2020, JohannesburgEven Flow Distribution is proud to announce that it has been appointed as a distributor for Ubiquiti in Africa.

Ubiquiti manufactures wireless data communication products for enterprise and wireless broadband providers with a primary focus on under-served and emerging markets.

This partnership will provide partners with access to the full range of world-class Ubiquiti Networks solutions and products.

Adrian Bush
, Director of Even Flow Distribution, says the company is expanding its networking division with the addition of Ubiquiti to its portfolio of leading global vendors.

“Even Flow’s vast experience in the product category, and our position as a subsidiary of Epsidon Technology Distribution, makes Even Flow ideally suited to expand the Ubiquiti brand throughout South Africa and the rest of the African continent,” says Bush.

He adds “Ubiquiti has traditionally been strong in the wireless ISP space and within mid-tier SIs. There is, however, growing demand for the company’s UniFi Enterprise System due to its scalability and performance, coupled with a unique cloud controller that is built into the solution. This control system enables SIs to easily offer their end-customers cloud as a service, because it makes it much easier to deploy and manage solutions centrally, rather than needing to manage devices individually at the client site.”

Bush adds that Even Flow is always looking to add more value for partners by enabling them to better sell the solutions Even Flow offers.

“To this end, we offer a wide range of complementary services, including initial training, upskilling related to the entire product suite, pre-sales scoping of the project, after sales support and even provide input as to how such projects can be financed, rolled out and deployed. For us, it is all about offering as much assistance to our customers as possible.”

Zack Powell
, channel manager for Ubiquiti Networks, says the company’s UniFi Enterprise System delivers a solution that perfectly hits the so-called ‘sweet spot’.

“UniFi delivers a breakthrough combination of performance, reliability, and scalability, along with top performance/price value. Intuitive management software, featuring a graphical user interface, is bundled with the UniFi hardware at no extra cost, including no licensing fees or support expenses,” he says.

“For us, their flexibility and agility is key, along with their focus on significantly better price points. When this is coupled with the company’s investment into, knowledge of and skills around its solutions, it’s no wonder they have achieved global success. I believe the same success awaits them in Africa, as clients are aware that any products they purchase are not only tried and tested in other markets, but are also sold at a price point that is well-suited to emerging markets,” concludes Bush.


About Even Flow Distribution

Even Flow is the leading South African distributor of IP technology hardware. We empower our solution provider partners to achieve success by offering the best global brands, country-wide logistics and innovative support services. We have a commitment to assist African business to move to the next level in IP communications and connectivity.

More information on Even Flow

Visit http://www.evenflow.co.za/ to find out more.

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Snom C520 product review by the Even Flow VoIP Master



Snom C520 WiMi Product review

Author : Elric Arendse

The Snom C520 – WiMI is the new conference phone launched by Snom for Small to Medium Enterprises (SME). They have just launched  the unique Snom C520 integrates advanced DECT and Bluetooth technology, a first of its kind.

Look and Feel :

The unit has the trademark Snom quality look and feel that we have come to expect from the German IP Phone manufacturer.

The modern, black on black innovative design makes the Snom C520 the perfect center piece for all conference or meeting room. Clever colour coded status LED,s lets you know exactly what is happening with the glance of an eye.


This compact conferencing unit delivers HD sound through high-quality speakers and have top-of-the-line DECT microphones to ensure all conversations are crystal clear.

Adding up to 3 of the new C52-SP DECT Speaker Phone add-on just makes all the difference, enabling the unit to extend the range of the audio to up to 50 Meters from the main phone, making this a one of the most scaleable and dynamic audio conferencing solutions on the market.

It supports multi-party conference calls with a mixture of Bluetooth, DECT and SIP connectivity to maximize the conference calling experience. The unit is built for reliability, the unit  provides up to 70 hours of standby time on a single charge with the microphones able to operate up to 12 hours for talk time.

The Verdict :

SNOM C520-WiMi – Is a Winner!

This little unit packs a big punch, with its aggressive pricing and host of dynamic features it is set to take the audio conferencing market by storm.



About Snom

Next generation VoIP

Snom technology AG is a German based company developing and manufacturing VoIP telephones based on open standard for enterprise communications. Snom phones can be operated with a large number of compatible IP PBX brands and soft switches that support SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), giving customers a great choice for enterprise communication systems. Recognized for its high-quality, customize-able and cost-effective business solutions; Snom is differentiated by the company’s ten-year history in the VoIP industry, and its dedication to high security standards. Take a look at Snom’s website for their next generation product range.

Simone Richard from Voice host said that,  ‘The new range of products cements Snom’s position as a brand of trust, reliable and a mature IP telephony vendor. Voice Host has been gathering feedback from customers on the new range and everyone has been very impressed.”

About Even Flow Distribution:

Even Flow is the official distributor of Snom IP phones in South Africa. Even Flow Distribution is a value-add distributor focusing on leading brands in converged communication. For More information and product information please contact us now at Even Flow.

For more information contact us on- cptsales@evenflow.co.za or jhbsales@evenflow.co.za


Yealink special for the month of February 2018

Specials for the month

Even Flow is one of the top South African Distributor of Yealink Desktop and Wireless IP Phones and Video Conferencing (VC) solutions in South Africa. These One-Stop UC terminal solutions unify voice, video, and data, and are designed for businesses of all sizes. As such, they work for every kind of user, from executives to receptionists, and can accommodate staff communicating from an office, a conference room or on the go. Products are designed to help clients make the most of their Unified Communications (UC) experience and embrace the power of “Easy Collaboration”.

Yealink Special 


Yealink special




Together Yealink and Even Flow are excited to announce they have partnered up this February to bring you the best special on the Yealink CP960 & CP920. Purchase a Yealink CP960 or CP920 between 1 February 2018 and 30 June 2018 and get up to R355 off each device. 

Mimosa special

Mimosa Special_no price



Mimosa and Even Flow are being you the best special this month, Get a Mimosa G2 Gateway at an amazing reduced price for the month of February.  Mimosa Plug N play- Easy fill coverage holes by adding additional Mimosa G2 Gateway, auto set up quickly pairs with the master. G2 to easily extend Wi-Fi coverage.



Plug and go for quick installation
Pre-printed Wi-Fi login information


Mimosa cloud monitoring
Disable Configuration from LAN
Management Access Control Lists
SNMP v1, v2c, v3 Syslog

Channel Management:

Auto selection of best channel
Automatic interference avoidance

Auto Mode: 

Automatically configure Range Extender (repeater) and Wired Extension (AP m

Yealink and Connect Special 




Connect is a leading global supplier of carrier-grade cabling and networking accessories. Stay connected with Connect Networking solution, trusted by leading telco’s and networking professionals. Together Yealink and Connect cabling are excited to announce they have partnered up this February to bring you the best specials this month.

Buy 10 T21P and get a free 100 meter Cat 5e UTP cable. The perfect solution for you!


For more information please contact us on- jhbsales@evenflow.co.za / cptsales@evenflow.co.za





Even Flow festive season closing dates


Even Flow closing dates

Even Flow would like to inform all our customer that our offices will be closing down for the festive season. 

Even Flow  Cape Town branch will be closed from the 23 of December 2017 to 7 Of January 2018

Even Flow Johannesburg branch will be closed from the 23 of December 2017 to 4 Of January 2018
We thank you for all your support in 2017 and We hope to deal with you again in 2018 for great service and better solutions.
Even Flow would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy News years.

Launching in South Africa, Connect cabling

Connect Vender page banner2

Launching in South Africa, Connect cabling NOW here.

Even Flow is proud to be awarded the official South African distributor for Connect cabling.

Connect is a leading global supplier of carrier-grade cabling and networking accessories. Stay Connected with Connect Networking Solutions, trusted by leading telco’s and networking professionals.  Always Connected, guaranteed

Connect has multiple high quality products and accessories to offer:

– Fluke tested, high quality, low loss
– Advanced shielding and double shielding (outdoor)
– Available in various lengths, drum or box
– 5 year warranty and full money back guarantee

Connect cabling Products.




  • Diameter of conductor:24/26 AWG
  • Outer Shielded: 36AWG Tinned copper or AL-MG braid 45 %(min) coverage
  • Inner Shielded: AL-Mylar 100% (min) coverage
  • Specification: 4P+Mylar+D+AL
  • Rated Temperature: -40°C ~ + 75°C




  • Conductor 24AWG/26AWG CU or CCA/CCS/ 0.4mm~0.52mm
  • Insulation : HD-PE ;
  • Jacket : PVC / LSZH ( colour optional ) ;
  • Rated Temperature: -40°C ~ + 75°C ;
  • Impedance: 100±15% Ω at 1 ~100MHz ;




  • Diameter of conductor:24/26 AWG
  • Outer Shielded: 36AWG Tinned copper or AL-MG braid 45 %(min) coverage
  • Inner Shielded: AL-Mylar 100% (min) coverage
  • Specification: 4P+Mylar+D+AL
  • Rated Temperature: -40°C ~ + 75°C




  •  Diameter of conductor:24/26 AWG
  • Outer Shielded: 36AWG Tinned copper or AL-MG braid 45 %(min) coverage
  • Inner Shielded: AL-Mylar 100% (min) coverage
  • Specification: 4P+Mylar+D+AL
  • Rated Temperature: -40°C ~ + 75°C


Connect cabling quality guaranteed.








Yealink VC 800 NOW available

download (3)

New VC 800 NOW available 

The Yealink VC800 System, the newest generation of Yealink video conferencing systems that helps cut long-distance communication costs and satisfies the multi point conference needs of the modern workplace.

The Yealink VC800 system features an all-in-one design, first-class video and audio technology that creates an easier and more effective collaboration experience.
Equipped with an intuitive user interface, Yealink VC 800 makes meeting control simpler.
Featuring H.265/HEVC, Opus and HD voice backed by Harman Kardon speaker, it facilitates more immersive audio-visual collaboration. 

Product showcase


Satisfy Multi-point Conference Needs
Equipped with the powerful built-in MCU, it supports 24-site HD video conferencing capacity and can be divided into 2 Virtual Meeting Rooms which enables to solve modern workplace long-distance communication needs.
Brings You into an Immersive Collaboration
 Co-works with conference phone CP960 which has Harman Kardon speaker, two DECT-based wireless expansion microphones and quality 20ft/360° voice pickup distance, anyone in the work space could have an immersive HD audio experience.

Easier Meeting Experience and Simpler Deployment

Compact design combines codec and camera together, only one standard RJ45 network cable could connect TV area and conference table

Less Bandwidth, Better Network Adaptability
Via supporting H.265/HEVC, Yealink VC800 further saves 50% of bandwidth. Super

packet loss recovery technology enables Yealink VC 800 could resist up to 30% video

and audio packet loss. 

Designed for better collaboration

Yealink CP960 Sales training

download (4)download

Even Flow is offering you the chance to better your understand of Yealink’s newly release products like the CP960 conferencing phone and many more for FREE!

The training will cover the following topics

  • T4 series verse T2 series
  • T4 series introduction, upgrades, features and selling points
  • T5 series Android series introduction, benefits, features and selling points
  • CP960 production, introduction adn the outstanding features it has to offer
  • CP960 Demonstration
  • Microsoft integration on the T4 android device

If you would like to be the first to know about this new range
then join us at the following venue: 


22 August 2017
9:30 am for 10:00 am- 12 pm

Stand a chance to win a R1000 Takealot voucher!

Don’t miss out on the chance become the best!


Register Now!