Pro Manage Services

Even Flow Distribution – a leading value-added distributor (VAD) of next-generation IP convergence solutions introduce a new provision service, called PROManage, no more PLUG and PRAY, to streamline the provisioning of IP phones through automation. Even Flow hosted provisioning platform can automatically provision phones as soon as the customer connects them to the internet features which include Zero Touch Provisioning, and Drop Ship direct to your end user.

By using the Zero Touch Provisioning approach it allows for redirection, customer creation, and template allocation with quick connect to call control platforms, as well as to drop ship directly to your end customer, reducing costs.

Benefits on the PRO Manage Platform

1. UX – Single access point management suite

The cloud based platform is accessible from any internet based device with patented technology for vendor agnostic, universal feature sets. ProManage is a powerful cloud-based tool enabling VoIP service providers to quickly automate deployments for any number of IP phones.

2. Margin – Increased business efficiency

The goal of increasing sales hinges on margin retention with the investment needed for such growth.

Increases in overhead for eco-system deployment and management are greatly reduced with ForgeServe when investment in resource is no longer needed. Existing deployment and support teams can be re-allocated to other tasks increasing business efficiency. This allows quick and easy vendor adoption whilst reducing time to market, training and support overhead and requirements.

3. OPEX – Operating Expense reduction

Deployment and configuration costs associated with the deployment of devices are greatly reduced with no need for site visits. Opex costs for pre-staging devices before dispatch are entirely removed with the zero touch provisioning tools. Further complimented by API’s to manufacturers redirection services meaning there is no need to unbox the device to pre-configure redirection before dispatch to the end user.

4. Monitoring – Estate Management

Maintenance of multiple customer eco-system is a new concept to many resellers and generally over looked.

Knowing the device location and status with a heartbeat monitor back to the platform empowers the reseller to actively monitor the customer’s in-life devices. Further management tools exist to allow remote management of devices from the cloud platform that utilise the UNITE application.

Only HTTPS compatible devices with signed manufacturer certificates are supported!

Multi-Vendor Support

All supported manufacturers benefit from a universal interface, which has been developed to facilitate easy adoption of any IP device manufacturers without any training or prior knowledge of the IP device UI.

Below is a list of Even Flow supported vendors:

  • Polycom
  • Yealink
  • Grandstream
  • Snom
  • Obihai
  • Cisco


  • Multi-vendor auto-redirection handling
  • Multi-tier account and estate management
  • White labelled reseller / user portal
  • End customer estate management and configuration tools.
  • Multi-tier customer user role profiles
  • Eco-system topology view
  • Quick reference display and search function
  • API (EDI) data import
  • Provisioning template engine
  • Quick connect to call control
  • Option 66 support
  • TFTP Support
  • Customer site grouping
  • Provisioning logging/ debugging
  • Devicrc geo-taglocation
  • Device/ estate health status
  • Firmware management
  • Secure SSL CA Support
  • Platform redundancy support